Sustainability & Ethical Manufacturing 

In today's world we don't have the luxury to think of sustainability as an option. With fashion being the highest polluting industry, only second to oil, it is our responsibility as brands and as consumers to make thoughtful choices when making purchases. 

All Tiller Swim products are created using ethical manufacturing practices and repurposed materials. Our fabrics are made from 78% regenerated nylon, giving post-consumer waste a new life.

Our Supply Chain:

  • Manufacturer Packaging: All swimsuits are shipped in the reusable zip pouches. Where necessary, our swimsuits are wrapped in compostable tapioca-based lining for protection. 
  • Packaging: We utilize poly-mailers made from 100% recyclable materials. These mailers can be recycled and reused with an additional seal option. Each swimsuit ships in a reusable zip pouch to reduce waste while protecting your swimsuit on its way to you. 
  • Fabric: Our ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn is produced in Slovenia and shipped to Carvico in Italy to be spun into our 78% recycled performance fabric. 
  • Manufacturing (first & second collection): Our fabric is shipped from Italy to Bali, Indonesia to be made into the Tiller Swim you see on site!
  • Shipping for distribution (first & second collection): Our suits are sent from Bali, Indonesia to Los Angeles, CA and then shipped out to our fabulous customers! Depending on physical location, local orders and pick-ups are always an option for a more direct route. 

Ethical Manufacturing:

  • We are currently creating the third collection of Tiller Swim in our home base of Los Angeles, California. All development, design & production will be based in the U.S., with our fabric being created and shipped from Brazil. 
  • Our first and second collection (currently live on site) were developed & produced in Bali, Indonesia in a sustainable & ethical facility.
  • For each swimsuit produced, an automatic percentage of the purchase is donated to multiple organizations.
    • The first organization is the R.O.L.E. Foundation which supports an array of sustainability initiatives including job creation, zero waste management programs and business development support.
    • The second organization is BALI WISE, focusing on empowering marginalized women through skills education particularly helping to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia. 
    • During COVID, our manufacturer has also been supporting SOS Indonesia, an organization redefining the way food is distributed to help feed those in need. The organization has concentrated efforts in both Indonesia and Thailand. 
  • Any fabric waste from the production process is recycled externally. 
  • Our manufacturer exceeds standard working conditions in all areas including safety, wages, personal development and work/life balance. 
    • All employees are paid above minimum wage, with full health insurance to all employees and their families. 
    • The facility is air-conditioned and all employees are trained extensively in order to utilize state of the art production equipment.
    • Meal allowances are offered to all employees.
    • Working hours are 40 hours or lower per week and any voluntary overtime is compensated, all according to the Indonesian Manpower regulation.
    • Profit sharing is offered to all employees which is paid out annually
    • Employees are offered career & personal development opportunities,  including regular offerings of business development, decision making and business English courses. 
    • Company wide free exercise clubs and classes are offered, including weekly pick-up soccer and Zumba! 

Our Materials:


  • Non-Ribbed Swim: 78% Recycled Polyamide made from ECONYL® thread, 22% Elastane.
  • Ribbed Swim: 92% Recycled Polyamide made from ECONYL® thread, 8% Elastane.
  • Resistant to UV Rays, Chlorine, Oils and Pilling
  • Shape Retention & Two-Way Stretch
  • Extra Comfort & Ultra Soft
  • Our suits are designed to be reversible so that you're getting double the wear out of each piece. All swim pieces are made to be flattering, comfortable and durable so you're spending less money replacing suits each season and will be contributing to less waste of materials and resources. 


  • GOT Certified 100% Organic Cotton
  • Hand-dyed logo lettering using natural, water-based dyes. 
  • *Coming Soon*: All tie dye sweatshirts are dyed with all natural dyes including but not limited to Indigo, Turmeric, Cochineal and Madder. 


2021 Sustainability & Ethics Goals: 

This upcoming year, Tiller hopes to continue our sustainability journey by innovating our current supply chain, manufacturing and materials used. Additionally, we plan to increase our transparency and more actively prioritize diversity and inclusion in the realm of both race and body types. Here is what we're hoping to accomplish during the remainder of 2020 and into 2021: 

  1. Utilize fabric that has the ability to decompose in landfills: This initiative is well on its way and our third collection (launching Spring 2021) will feature fabric that breaks down when disposed of in a landfill. 
  2. Begin manufacturing in the U.S.: as we begin the planning process, we have shifted our design, development and production to Los Angeles, CA. The third collection of Tiller will be fully conceptualized, designed and created in the U.S. and we hope to expand our partnerships domestically in order to reduce emissions produced from excess shipping. This will not only help to reduce our footprint YoY, it will also allow our team to be closer to the production process, enabling even higher quality products to be offered.
  3. Give back to sustainable and social efforts: This upcoming year we plan to contribute at least 1% of all profits to sustainability and social justice efforts. 
  4. Promote diversity and inclusion: As an Asian-American female founder, it is of utmost importance that Tiller actively supports female empowerment and diversity at all stages of the business. As the brand grows, we will feature BIPOC models, influencers and content creators on social media and our website. Eventually when we're able to expand the team, we will actively hire people of different ethnicities and backgrounds to join Tiller. 
  5. Promote size inclusivity: This year, we hope to expand our size range and product offerings to include a wider array of women shopping for swimwear. We currently offer XS-XL.