Upcycling Program

For the month of December if you sign up for the Upcycling Program we'll send you 30% off your next purchase! You can use the code at any time to shop.

Learn more about Tiller's Upcycling Program & sign up at the contact form below!

What is upcycling? 

Upcycling is to repurpose unusable materials and items in order to create a product of equal or higher value than the original.

Why upcycling? 

Each year, thousands of new clothing pieces are produced and sold using synthetic materials that are unable to biodegrade. Of all apparel products manufactured every year, swimwear and activewear are more often than not made from performance fabrics that cannot break down when discarded. 

Tiller pieces are made with recycled materials sourced from repurposed nylon which is helping to clean up waste that would normally enter a landfill (or worse, polluting our oceans) and is giving new life to waste such as ocean plastics, abandoned fishing nets, industrial carpeting and post-consumer goods. Though this repurposing process is extremely beneficial at the beginning of our products’ lives, we understand that we had no way to close the loop at our products’ end of life. After all, recycled nylon is still a synthetic material and so is the spandex that gives our swimwear the stretch we all love. This left us thinking of what we can to do help close the loop.  

What is Tiller doing?

Which brings us to the introduction of Tiller’s Upcycling Program. With our mission to consistently innovate our sustainability practices, we are making it our mission to close the loop with all of the products we put out into the world. Starting now, we will be collecting swim and activewear pieces that may be in poor condition or are no longer useful to you and turning them into new products and accessories! Through the collection of these pieces, we’ll be able to create new use out of previously unusable items and give new life to the materials. 

Eligible Items Include: 

  • Swimsuits (one piece, bikini top, bikini bottom, tankini, swim skirts/dresses)
  • Activewear (leggings, yoga pants, tennis skirts/dresses, spandex shorts, tops, sports bras) 
  • Miscellaneous (stretch headbands, nylon scarves, etc.)

Not sure if your item is eligible for the upcycling program? Send us an email at to check with our team. 

Want to participate?

Follow the steps below to join us in closing the loop. With your submission, you’ll receive 20% off your next purchase of Tiller to replace the old with something sustainable & new, 100% guilt free. *Discount is increased to 30% for the month of December!

*In the message box please specific the number of pieces you'd like to send back and what those pieces are (i.e. bikini bottom, sports bra, one piece, etc.)